Queensland Parliament Tour Bookings - ( for Schools Only )
Note: To book a School-Tour using this online facility, you must be an authorised school representative.
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To request a booking, provide your School Postcode. Instead of Postcode (or additionally), you may also provide a single prominent word in your School name (alpha only, no spaces or punctuation; examples: Lutheran or Yeronga or Grammar etc). Select the proposed booking date and click 'Check Availability'.
PostCode               and/or Prominent word in School Name Proposed Date
Hints and Tips 'Yes'-box must be ticked. Name and valid Email address are mandatory. Please ensure that your email address is correct and free of typing mistakes.
Postcode only input, is the preferred option. Acceptable Postcode are from 3000 to 4999 (Queensland and some nothern NSW schools in 3xxx range).
Additionally, or instead of Postcode, a prominent word in School Name may be entered. It must be a single word only, without any spaces or punctuation marks. In case of words like - Xavier's - just type Xavier.
Post code and School-name-prominent-word are used to prepare an option list of School names; you will be required to select your school from this list. Please avoid inaccurate or too common an input(e.g. Primary or High or State etc). This may result in empty or too large School-name-list, which is unacceptable. If you are not sure of postcode, leave it blank (logical AND is used).
Ver 04 Feb 2013 The proposed date must be in future.